Bespoke Online Wellness Experiences

Wellness in your world

COVID-19 has resulted in a rise in remote/home working and the need for companies to ensure that their employees remain engaged, not only with the business but with their colleagues. What has become obvious is the increase in:

employee fatigue and boredom

feelings of isolation

increased stress levels

decreased motivation

a need to separate home life from work life

By adopting our online corporate wellness options, we will provide your teams with:



interactive experiences

To help them remain:



ultimately well

The PS method is a seamless interlinking of all our 5 key areas of wellness. Yet we fully appreciate that each company with whom we collaborate will require a specific set of needs applicable to its staff. As such, we are happy to discuss with you the areas you feel match your employees’ needs best. We are here to help you create a bespoke wellness experience for your staff; to navigate the confusion that wellness can cause and ensure a flexible, yet effective approach that will guide them on their journeys towards better health.


Pamela Griffin, Co-Founder [email protected]

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What is PS Lifestyle : Wellness?

PS Lifestyle : Wellness is an exciting and visionary project breaking new ground within the wellness industry. PS combines our purpose built, resource-efficient wellness club and centre of excellence, with our online corporate wellness sessions. At PS, we focus on 5 key areas of wellness ensuring a simplified yet effective route to living a well lifestyle. These are mental health, fitness, nutrition, remedial & therapeutic bodywork, and relaxing spa treatments. PS Lifestyle : Wellness prides itself on providing a combined approach to wellness – credible, research based information, and a continuous passion to improve the sustainable wellness of people and planet.

Your Wellness Experts

At PS we only work with like-minded wellness practitioners, experts in their fields and credible in their knowledge and experience. Using our combined skills, we are delighted to build an online wellness coaching and training package that will be tailored to the interests of your employees; a truly holistic approach to wellness all accessed from their new working from home (WFH) environments and delivered in ways to suit the specific needs of your business.


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