PS Lifestyle : Wellness – Lynsey’s story

Lynsey MacKenzie, Co-Founder and Managing Director of PS Lifestyle : Wellness, and a Massage Practitioner specialising in sports injuries, chronic pain conditions, and muscular/soft tissue mobility.

Having qualified from the Scottish Massage Schools 14 years ago, my thriving practice (est. 2004) has an enviable reputation. Also qualified to provide massage to those living with cancer and life limiting conditions, I pride myself on providing personalised treatment programmes for my clients and work hard to find health solutions that have long term systemic benefits.

A former administrative officer and PA in corporate business and high end law firms, my previous life consisted of high stress levels with a debilitating inability to switch off from work issues. This led to poor wellness overall culminating in inadequate nutrition, limited sleep, becoming socially introverted, gut health issues, poor concentration leading to errors at work, etc, etc.

I was fully aware of the need to better my wellness but was unable to find time, credible practitioners, and welcoming venues with adequate facilities. I wanted one place where I could be sure that my complete wellness would be understood and taken seriously, and ultimately become somewhere I could rely on to ensure my end goal of habitual and sustainable wellness. And obviously somewhere fabulous where I could simply either switch off or switch on depending on my health needs.

Over the years as wellness became more prevalent in peoples’ lives, and the offerings increased, I became more confused. Instagram erupted as did blogging and vlogging and I would see YouTube videos telling me how to “lose belly fat” and “low carb foods to get that thigh gap” to “haemorrhoid cream to shift under eye bags”.  I would sift tirelessly through the reams of ‘specialists’ and ‘experts’ and ‘professionals’ who on reflection were in fact not always qualified to offer advice and yet seemed to be developing large online followings.  My professional knowledge seemed to be overshadowed by apparent new techniques and ways of working. I worried that what I had learned and been practising for more than a decade was now becoming obsolete. When in fact, the wellness on offer was nothing more than one off fads with temporary benefits, if any, often fronted by ill advised, unqualified, inexperienced people.

Frustrated that I had worked hard over several years to gain a recognised qualification from a prestigious school, and built a successful business, I felt it was important to make clear to myself and my clients that credible, qualified practitioners in the health industry were paramount to ensuring safe, sustainable health. Massage wasn’t simply about rubbing. Nutrition and diet wasn’t simply about eating lettuce leaves. Mental health wasn’t simply about ‘snapping out of it’.  Embracing your wellness was about acknowledging what was missing and why, and finding a team of well positioned people to guide you on your journey.

And so, PS Lifestyle: Wellness was born. A concept that is simple but effective. One place dedicated to health and wellness;  a place offering 5 key elements of wellness provided by qualified, credible practitioners – experts in their fields; a place truly unique that it too can offer wellness attributes of its own.  No confusing, conflicting advice. No fads. No guilt over what your goals are or aren’t. A safe, but educated and welcoming place whenever you need it.

PS Lifestyle : Wellness will bring high end, credible wellness offerings to Scotland by ensuring all our practitioners and staff are qualified, our treatments/practices research based and results driven, and our overriding aim to ensure your sustainable wellness.  Quite simply, PS Lifestyle : Wellness is Wellness Done Well.