PS Lifestyle : Wellness – Pamela’s story

Edinburgh health

I’ve been part of the wellness industry for over 12 years so you’d think I would have it all sorted; my wellness that is. I’ve been lucky enough to visit, stay in and enjoy the spa experience in some of the the most fantastic spas, retreats and everything in between.

However like most people reading this, I am also pretty good at claiming to ‘never have the time’ or be totally confused, bamboozled and generally put off by all the so called ‘wellness experts’ that seem to grace our screens every time we take a peek at social media. Sound like you? You’re not alone.

A few years ago I decided to find a place locally that would help nurture my mental well-being, my fitness, guide me on how to fuel my body, mend it with some remedial treatments and help me relax with some gorgeous spa treatments. My job took me away from home most weeks so my time was precious and I didn’t want to spend it rushing from place to place to access all these services. I was acutely aware that being part of an industry where I advocated a healthy lifestyle I really needed to start practising what I was preaching. I was tired of trying to do the right thing. Guess what – I couldn’t find the perfect wellness club anywhere.

It was hugely frustrating and made me think – I work in this industry and I am struggling to make sense of all the wellness messages out there, how must everyone else be feeling? Turns out, you feel much the same.

I’ve always imagined that the best ideas must come from very high powered meetings held in fancy offices in corporate companies. They don’t. Lynsey and I had the idea via a text message one day when I had endured one too many hot and stuffy tube rides in London. I have spent the last 12 years training spa therapists how to create the best client journey and spa experience . I have coached spa owners all over the world to grow their business financially and by expanding their wellness offering. I am also a trained spa massage therapist fully qualified in two of the best skincare brands in the world. It just seemed to make sense to take this knowledge and passion and create a place where wellness is done well.

So far we have received a hugely positive response to our vision from both within our industry and from talking to potential members. As well as running focus groups and signing up our first founder members, we have received some great PR from the UK Spa Association, Invest Edinburgh and Spa Life International. We were delighted to be asked to deliver a keynote speech to final year students, staff and guests at the University of Derby’s Spa, Wellness and Tourism Conference in April. We’ve even had some amazing people approach us looking for jobs…..We can see the appetite for this type of wellness experience in Edinburgh.

We are ridiculously passionate about helping you feel well habitually, sustainably and luxuriously. We will create a place you can come to grow, relax and have fun. A place that cuts through the fog that has enveloped the world of wellness so you can enjoy your life the way you want to.