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We all know we need to look after our physical and mental well-being, and at some point may have joined a gym only to stop attending regularly after a few months. One off trips for spa treatments and remedial therapies are great, but how easy is it to maintain the efficacy of these services on a regular basis? Accessing the services you require to maintain a balanced life will currently involve numerous trips to several different locations.  In short, looking after your well-being has become stressful.

As a member of the PS. Family, your wellness journey will take place under one environmentally friendly, sustainable roof and include our five key elements of wellness;

  • fitness,
  • remedial/therapeutic bodywork,
  • relaxing face/body treatments,
  • nutrition, and
  • mental health.

Delivered in a sustainable, ethical and luxurious way, PS Lifestyle : Wellness will maintain it’s ethics of traceability and environmental friendliness, whilst delivering first class service and results.

One place dedicated to your well-being. One place to relax and recharge. One place to meditate and motivate. One place committed to your sustainable wellness, as well as the sustainable wellness of the environment.

We welcome you to this new wave of über luxury, sustainable wellness and look forward to making this journey with you.

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