WELLNESS : What does it all mean?

We were delighted to be asked by Spa Life International to contribute to their amazing blog ‘Shooting from the hip’ back  in February 2018. It was one of our first and it resonated with both wellness industry professionals and the public.

Whilst a few things have changed since the blog was posted, not least our name, we are still wellness done well.


Lynsey MacKenzie is Co-founder of PS Sustainable Wellness, a luxury, private members’ wellness club set to open in Edinburgh. A massage practitioner with 14 years’ experience, here she talks about the growth of wellness and the potential to overwhelm clients.

Wellness is on trend. Consumers are gradually realising how incredibly important wellness is and they’re investing in it. Wellness sectors now represent a $3.7 trillion economy. With that comes an excess of information and countless ‘new’ fads. But what does it all mean, for our industry and for our clients?

The World Health Organisation tells us ‘wellness is an active process of making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life; a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.

         “There is so much conflicting – and ultimately confusing – information available”

Wise words; but how do the consumers we’re targeting even begin to make choices towards that healthy and fulfilling life when there is so much conflicting – and consequently, confusing – information available?

Generally they do one of two things; attempt to take part in every wellness activity going, get little or no positive results, and give up. Or, simply do nothing at all. There’s no denying it’s an exciting time for wellness but, in reality, is the pursuit of it actually making people unwell?

According to The University of California, there are eight dimensions of wellness, ranging from intellectual to environmental and from financial to spiritual. As a consumer, think of how daunting it is to find out there may be even more to wellness than meets the already slightly boggled eye. Is it any wonder this leads to confusion and anxiety about how to progress towards that enviable ‘healthy, fulfilling life’?

                  “Simplify your wellness offer into manageable, achievable goals”

Simplifying your current wellness offer into manageable and achievable goals is the way to ensure habitual and sustainable wellness for your clients, without information overload.

At PS Sustainable Wellness, we will concentrate on five key elements of wellness: mental health, physical fitness, nutrition, therapeutic body treatments and relaxing spa treatments. We believe these elements are interrelated; each is equally vital in the pursuit of optimal wellness. When these five elements are focussed upon and nurtured, other areas of life that are perhaps under par, whether that be social, occupational, or spiritual, will benefit.

                             “Establish what wellness means to your clients”

We mustn’t pigeon-hole clients, but rather encourage them to think of themselves as the individuals they are, then work together to establish what wellness means to them.  It may help to begin by re-examining your initial consultation process. Often this is generic; a standard health questionnaire asking the wrong, or inadequate questions, with little room for expansion. A comprehensive, one-to-one consultation will ensure each new client receives a specific, targeted treatment or sessions that will help them achieve their individual wellness goal.

This leads me onto sustainability. As professionals, we may know that a daily morning workout, a comprehensive nutritional plan and a regular stretching routine will have long-term benefits, but without a proper consultation how can you know your client will sustain all this? You’ll only know what they enjoy and can achieve if you’ve had a conversation. Tailor-made wellness journeys, created with the members’ needs and goals in mind, are the only way to achieve wellness that naturally becomes sustainable and habitual.

In a world brimming with wellness advice and information, it’s easy for our potential clients to lose sight of what’s important and what’s achievable. Wellness means different things to different people. Simplify your offer, think sustainably, and your clients will be well on their way to optimal health.